School Receives Distinguished Award

School District Receives Distinguished Award Using HID Ultraviolet Equipment

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Johnson City School District #1, of Buffalo, Wyoming has received the 2010 RadTech UV/EB Emerging Technology Application Award. Held biannually, RadTech UV/EB is the leading industry technology expo and conference for applications of ultraviolet light.

Traditionally, gym floors are resurfaced annually, resulting in a prolonged period which they must be taken out of service. Recently, the development of site-applied UV curable coatings has presented another option. With superior durability and finish properties, Flash UV’s gym floor coating, cured with HID Ultraviolet’s line of portable UV floor curing equipment, has both resulted in an instant return to service for the gym floor, as well as eliminating the need to refinish the floor the next year for Johnson City and others.

Source: RadTech