Instant Start/Hot Restrike Lighting

How It Works

Instant Start/Hot Restrike by HID Ultraviolet is the latest in portable floor curing technology. Fixed irradiator and reflectors that are elliptical in shape have no moving parts and produce very efficient light output. Continuous Wave Xenon lamps product very high doses of UV in just a few seconds. Unlike conventional shuttered systems, Instant Start/Hot Restrike machines can be turned on and off instantly with the lamp hot or cold.

Metal halide lamps typically found in UV floor curing machines take a long time to warm up to achieve full intensity. After turning off, they must cool down for several minutes before turning them back on or “restrike” them. These types of Non-Instant Start Systems require shutters so the lamp can remain on in an idle mode when temporarily not in use. Heat and dirt play havoc on these mechanical systems which make it necessary to maintain them frequently.

HIDUV has introduced three lines of portable curing machines, the Bulldog and Hammerhead series of floor curing machines and the handheld Mako series. All of our machine use Instant Start/Hot Restrike technology and Continuous Wave Xenon lamps which allows these machines to produce more UV energy per watt of power than any other portable floor curing systems available. They ramp up to full intensity in seconds and can be turned on and off at will. Faster cure rates, high reliability and increased safety are a result of over four decades of experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing high quality curing and lighting systems.