TIGER Portable UV Floor Curing Equipment

The Tiger from HID Ultraviolet is a revolutionary UV floor curing machine. This new light-weight model is ideal for small jobs, confined spaces, and upper floor areas. It cures UV floor coatings for wood, concrete, and vinyl composite tile (VCT). By shattering the price barrier, it makes site-applied UV floor curing accessible to everyone! HID’s Tiger UV floor curing machines include:

  • HID’s exclusive patented Instant-On technology
  • Curing travel speed display
  • Universal input power supply
  • Multiple language control panel
  • Compact folding handle
  • On board diagnostics

HID’s industry-leading safety features including: low lamp operating voltage, automatic safety shutoff for excessive tilt angle, non-movement, open covers, incorrect line input voltage, and cooling system deviation are all standard.

Model Weight Cure Path Output Power Input Power Dimensions
T12-1700 39 lbs (18 kg) 12″ (30cm) 1700W 90-250V 7-15A 47-63Hz 30x48x29cm 12x19x11.5”)

Every HID design is the result of over 35 years of expertise designing and manufacturing ultraviolet equipment.

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