HAMMERHEAD Series Portable UV Floor Curing Equipment


HAMMERHEAD UV Floor Curing Equipment is a heavy duty line of floor curing machines used for industrial and commercial floor finishing.  Patented Instant Start/Hot Restrike technology along with proprietary irradiator, lamp, and reflector designs make the HAMMERHEAD Series the most powerul and efficient floor curing machines available.  Designed primarily for use on concrete floors and with coatings that are 100% solids, these machines will outperform anything else available.

The HAMMERHEAD Series are self propelled and can be programmed to cure at any speed.  The large digital display and keypad entry panel make it easy to program and read cure speeds at a glance.  Instant Start/Hot Restrike technology eliminates the use of shutters, which are prone to failure from heat and dirt, making the equipment low maintenance and much more efficient to operate.  The irradiator and lamp designs translate to more power per watt than any other system available.

After the floor is prepared in the traditional way, the high tech UV coating is applied and the machine is moved onto the surface curing it instantly, creating a diamond hard finish impervious to chemicals and abrasion.  UV floor coating technology and the HAMMERHEAD Series have now made it possible to provide superior finishes in a fast, convenient, and cost saving method with no odor and no VOCs.  Both clear coats and pigments can be cured with HIDUV equipment.  Fast, safe, reliable, and easy to use make the HAMMERHEAD Series the only choice for quality floor curing.

Two HAMMERHEAD models are available:  26″ cure width and 34″ cure width.  Both come standard with many safety features:  an accelerometer circuit that detects tilt angle and prevents exposure to UV, non-movement sensors that prevent floor scorching, thermo transducers that prevent overheating, a light curtain that minimizes light leakage around the irradiator, safety interlocks on all covers, and a kill button on the and grip.

HAMMERHEAD Cure Path Power Input Weight Size
26-8000A 26″ 8000W 208/240V 60Hz 45A 285 lbs 26″ x 28″ x 31-45″
26-8000A 66 cm 8000W 400V 50Hz 25A 130 kg 66 x 71 x 79-114 cm
34-1000A 34″ 10000W 208/240V 60Hz 45A 300 lbs 34″ x 28″ x 34-45″
34-1000A 86.4 cm 10000W 400V 50Hz 25A 136 kg 86.4 x 71 x 79-114 cm


  • Instant Start/Hot Restrike Continuous Wave Xenon for more UV energy
  • Large Easy to Read Control Panel for programming
  • Full Adjustable Handle for easy operation and storage
  • Zero Turn Radius and Smooth Operation for tight areas
  • Acceleromoter Circuit to detect tilt angle
  • Non-Movement Sensors to prevent floor scorching
  • Thermo Sensors to maintain temperature range
  • Light Shield to prevent light leakage
  • RFID Technology on select models
  • Auto Tapping to read and adjust voltage
  • Proximity Sensors that can disable the machine
  • AutoLume Safety

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