Floor Curing Accessories

HAMMERHEAD Series Accessories

Hammerhead Transport Cart

This device is intended for use with all HAMMERHEAD models. It provides transportation of the curing machine from a vehicle or trailer to the job site. The tires are pneumatic for ease of movement on rough or uneven surfaces.

CAUTION: The Hammerhead curing machine is very heavy, it weighs approximately 300 lbs. (136kg) and requires sufficient strength and caution when lifting!
Mounting dock brackets

The unit also comes equipped with a docking latch unit to securely attach the cart and the curing machine to the transportation vehicle. It provides a means to secure the curing machine to the vehicle or trailer during normal driving conditions.

Wire Management Arm

The optional wire management arm attaches to the Hammerhead and keeps the power cable out of the cure path and allows for an overhead power feed spool or a longer span to the individual managing the power cable.