HID Ultraviolet, LLC is the leading manufacturer of portable UV floor curing equipment.

With decades of experience in power electronics, UV lighting, and equipment manufacturing, HIDUV can deliver the safest, fastest, and most reliable floor curing equipment in the world.  Our patents and proprietary designs are incorporated into every machine.  Safe, compact, high energy and reliable performance are the end result.  Our R & D team is tasked with producing efficient and reliable designs that will last for many years in a tough environment.  They have met the challenge by producing the most powerful and durable machines available.
Our proprietary reflector and irradiator designs have no moving parts and can produce up to 40% more UV energy than conventional systems.

Our patented power supply design is “Instant Start/Hot Restrike”.  This unique design allows the machine to turn the lamp on instantly (hot or cold) and come up to full brightness in seconds compared to several minutes on conventional equipment.

Our proprietary Continous Wave Xenon lamps outperform conventional lamps by up to 30% because of the high energy output and fast warm-up periods.  Lamps are available in a variety of spectral ranges to suit the curing process.

HIDUV’s founders have been manufacturing UV curing and lighting systems for over 40 years and have more knowledge and expertise than any other machine manufacturer in the business.  Everything is manufactured in-house from electronics assembly and coil winding to fabrication, welding, machining and painting.

HIDUV is dedicated to supplying the industry with the safest, most reliable and most powerful curing systems available today.  Combining UV curable floor coatings with safe, easy to use equipment can advance the floor finishing market and bring it one step closer to a true “GREEN” environmentally friendly industry.

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