UV Dynamometer

UV Dynamometer conveyor system

The UV Dynamometer is a conveyor system that is used exclusively with HIDUV’s BULLDOG and HAMMERHEAD Series UV Floor Curing Machines.  It is a tool used by formulators to qualify UV coatings for wood, concrete, vinyl, or tile floors.  The floor curing machine sits on top of the Dyno and samples of the floor surface up to 12″ wide can be run through the conveyor in order to determine proper cure rates and to test and analyze the cured surface.

The Dyno is a 3 axis system: the conveyor (controls the feed or cure rate), the height (controls focus of lamp), and left/right slide rail (analyzes edge cure).  USB ports on the Dyno and the floor curing machine are used to connect to the system integrated laptop computer in order to control the process through the special software developed by HIDUV.

Radiometer type and thickness can be entered into the program and the Dyno will automatically adjust it’s height so that lamp focus is maintained.  Conveyor speed can be set from 1 fpm (feet per minute) to 99 fpm.  Clearance can be set from 0 to 3 inches in one thousandth of an inch increments.  There is an embedded report writer to document and save all test data.  Vacuum draw down can be used for lightweight drawdown cards.  From paper to bricks, the Dyno package can duplicate exactly what will take place on the job site making the development of UV floor coatings a fast and easy process. 

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