Handheld Safety

Ultraviolet curing caries with it some inherent risks of increased UV exposure. Handheld units in particular run a high risk of increased exposure, due to the way in which they are used.

HID Ultraviolet is proud to offer site applied UV curing equipment with safety features that no other manufacturer can match.

The MAKO handheld series is the world’s only instant-start/hot restrike handheld curing arc lamp. With more conventional equipment, the light source must be started cold, allowed to slowly warm up to operating temperature, and then left on during use. If the lamp is allowed to shut off, it must go through a lengthy cool down period before it can start again. This means that when moving the unit around, or going from one surface to another, a dangerous UV light source is left running, which will dramatically increase the exposure of both the operator and bystanders. As with all HID equipment, the MAKO lamp is only active when the operator needs it. Depress the trigger, and the lamp will instantly start, hot or cold.

Ultrasonic sensors on the MAKO also help ensure that accidental exposure. For instance, if the unit is dropped or the trigger is accidentally pressed when the unit is in mid-air, the lamp will either shut off, or prevent itself from starting. This sensor also allows for the operator to ensure optimal positioning from the surface. Too close, and there are risks of burning the substrate. Too far away, and the unit is out of peak focus, which gives the best possible coating performance.

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Published June 17, 2016