Tiger 12-1700

At just $4495, and packing a powerful 1700W, 12″ UV light, the Tiger changes the game for site-applied UV floor curing. The Tiger removes significant barriers to entry to the UV market, and opens a world of possibilities with minimal investment.

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HAMMERHEAD UV Floor Curing Equipment is a heavy duty line of floor curing machines used for industrial and commercial floor finishing. Designed primarily for use on concrete floors and with coatings that are 100% solids, these machines will outperform anything else available.

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Bulldog Floor Machine

The BULLDOG Series UV Floor Curing Equipment is the latest in floor finishing technology.  Used for curing concrete, wood, vinyl, and tile floors, the BULLDOG employs state of the art ultraviolet lighting for an instant cure of today’s cutting edge floor coatings.

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Mako T Handheld

Unique to HID Ultraviolet, instant start technology allows for the lamp to be turned on only when you need to cure. There is no need to wait for the lamp to warm up, or cool down before you can use the machine. This reduces the chance of unintended exposure to UV light, and eliminates the need for mechanical shutters.

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Handheld Safety

By admin - 17th June 2016

Ultraviolet curing caries with it some inherent risks of increased UV exposure. Handheld units in particular run a high risk of increased exposure, due to the way in which they are used. HID Ultraviolet is proud to offer site applied UV curing equipment with safety features that no other manufacturer can match. The MAKO handheld […]

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What Are Ultraviolet Coatings?

By admin - 15th June 2015

We experience UV cured coatings constantly throughout our lives. The finish on prefinished flooring, nails done in a salon, coatings on beverage cans and inks on magazines are just a few. For decades, this technology has dominated factory applications, where durability and quick cure have been extremely important. In the last few years, this technology […]

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Instant Start Technology

By admin - 2nd June 2015

With 50 years of combined experience in the field of UV lighting, HID Ultraviolet’s engineering team is able to offer a range of features not found in any competition equipment. Our UV floor machines are designed to be the safest on the market, paired with unparalleled durability. Patented Shutterless Instant Start Technology is at the […]

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HID Ultraviolet (UV) Floor Curing Machines

HID Ultraviolet is the leading manufacturer of UV floor curing machines, having been in the industry for over 30 years. Currently, we offer both handheld and floor uv curing machines that range from 6″ to 34″ cure paths. HIDUV offers only the best equipment, built with decades of engineering and manufacturing experience in the USA. We offer a range of different UV floor curing machines for a range of applications from concrete, vinyl tile (VCT) flooring to hardwood flooring.

Our UV floor curing equipment lineup currently consists of four main product lines, the Mako handheld curing unit, the entry level Tiger floor curing machine, the mid-range Bulldog floor curing machine series, and the high power/large area Hammerhead.

UV floor curing is ideal for commercial, industrial and residential customers. UV allows for instant curing, allowing instant return to service, bringing traffic back onto the floor immediately after cure.

HID Ultraviolet floor curing machines feature patented shutterless instant start technology. This allows for minimally disruptive safety features that no other manufacturer can implement. All HID UV equipment is manufactured in the US at our Sparta, New Jersey facility. HID is a highly vertically integrated manufacturer, making everything from sheet metal parts to transformers, allowing for highly competitive pricing on all equipment.




There has never been a floor curing machine like this. The Tiger-12 packs a powerful 1700W, 12″ lamp into a light-weight, extremely affordable package. Call today!

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Floor Curing

Patented Instant Start/Hot Restrike technology along with proprietary irradiator, lamp, and reflector designs make the HAMMERHEAD Series the most powerul and efficient floor curing machines available. Designed primarily for use on concrete floors and with coatings that are 100% solids, these machines will outperform anything else available.

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Handheld Curing

Like the entire line of HIDUV equipment, the MAKO Handheld is made with the most advanced features and technology in order to offer safe and reliable performance that sets the standard for onsite UV curing. A spring loaded trigger requires operator input in order to run the lamp head.